T-Mobile ranked first in customer care by J.D Power

Telecommunications company T-Mobile has been ranked as the number one U.S mobile operator for customer care in a recent study by J.D Power

U.S data analytics firm J.D Power has ranked telecommunications company T-Mobile as the number one U.S mobile operator for customer care in a recent study. This has been the ninth consecutive time that T-Mobile has won the award in the survey titled ‘ 2022 U.S. Wireless Customer Care Mobile Network Operator Performance Study’.

T-Mobile has the most wins of any other wireless provider in the history of the study with a score of 823, 26 points above the segment average and the highest scores in all categories including phone, store, app, web, social media and text services. T-Mobile has taken the top spot consecutively in their segment in the J.D. Power study ever since the Un-carrier launched Team of Experts in 2018.

Callie Field, T-Mobile’s Executive Vice President & Chief Customer Experience Officer, said: “T-Mobile continues to get top marks for customer care, thanks to the most passionate Care team in the industry showing up in big and small ways and loving our customers every single day. Our team’s dedication to connecting with customers on a personal level to deliver solutions and anticipate needs is unwavering! The Un-carrier set the standard for what it means to truly care about customers years ago, and we will continue to set it into the future.”

T-Mobile’s Team of Experts (TEX) model

T-Mobile's Team of Experts (TEX) model was built on the philosophy that personalized service is the best service. A whopping 73 percent of consumers say they would consider switching to a competitor after just one bad customer experience.1 In stark contrast to traditional wireless customer care, T-Mobile's highly trained Team of Experts puts customers first working directly to solve pain points rather than pushing customers through a series of robots and handoffs. 

Despite the pandemic-related challenges that businesses have experienced in the last couple of years, T-Mobile says its commitment to customer experience remains steadfast as the company hired over 6,000 new Care Experts in the last year.

Image: Sarah Tew/CNET


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