Mobile Operators Articles

Ericsson announces changes to executive team

Ericsson has announced alterations to its Group Structure and Executive Team as its looks to execute its growth strategy

LG introduces Smart Mobility, 6G Tech at IEEE ICC

LG is showcasing a range of technological capabilities, including 6G, at the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) 2022 in Seoul

Meet Carl Pei, Founder & CEO of Nothing

Carl Pei is the CEO and Founder of Nothing, the London-based tech company focused on simplicity and clarity

Etisalat acquires 9.8% stake in Vodafone Group

Etisalat has acquired a 9.8% stake in Vodafone Group, totaling around 2.76bn shares, in line with its vision to diversify its global operations.

The Big Tech telecoms convergence: dream or disaster?

Hamish White, CEO of digital-first telecom software provider Mobilise, navigates the benefits and drawbacks of the growing tech-telecom convergence

5 Minutes With: Navanit Narayan, CEO of Lyca Group

We spoke to Navanit Narayan, CEO of Lyca Group, to hear his insights into Lyca Mobile as a company, as well as the future of MVNOs


The end of an era: Apple to stop production of the iPod

After twenty years, Apple has announced it will be discontinuing production of the iPod, the music device that introduced many consumers to the brand

Cybersecurity: at the Heart of the Next-Gen Telco

For traditional telecom companies undergoing a generational metamorphosis, cybersecurity will be the difference between failure and success