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Samsung & MediaTek’s Milestone with Fastest 10.7Gbps LPDDR5X

Samsung’s 10.7Gbps LPDDR5X DRAM offers 25% improvement in power consumption, longer battery life and more powerful on-device AI features for mobile


World Youth Skills Day: Vodafone Bridges Digital Divide

This World Youth Skills Day, the Vodafone Foundation is providing support to educators & students through the Skills Upload Europe programme


GSMA: Handset Affordability Coalition & Smartphones

Global institutions including GSMA, the World Bank Group, ITU and more, have united to call for improved handset affordability for lower-income populations


Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to Amplify Paris 2024 Olympics

A connected society comes together for the Paris 2024 Olympics with Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra bringing the games to viewers, with 5G-powered footage

Anne Chow

We honour the legacy of Anne Chow, former CEO of AT&T, whose more than three-decade corporate career helped shape the global future of telecommunications

TMT: Staying Relevant in the Age of Digital Transformation

With insights from Amdocs, Tech Mahindra and TalkTalk Business, we examine how TMT businesses can maintain a competitive edge as connectivity demand surges

Nokia & HMD: Balancing Mobile Connectivity & User Well-Being

The smartphone evolution has led to the ‘Digital Detox’ trend, where users take a break from being constantly contactable. HMD & Nokia have a solution


Samsung’s New Image Sensors Offer Elite Smartphone Photos

Three new mobile image sensors are coming to Samsung, the ISOCELL HP9, ISOCELL GNJ & the ISOCELL JN5, which set a new bar in mobile photography