Senior Director of Entertainment

The connectivity to provide In-home entertainment to create “happy moments” for Sunrise UPC’s Swiss audience is led by Fabrizio Campanale to support families during the pandemic.

“We gave home entertainment and connectivity a strong push to provide some ‘happy moments’ to families at home and this has become our slogan”, said Campanale from his office in Zurich.

Campanale has 20 years of experience in delivering complex, business-critical products, and services in high-tech, fast-paced, global organisations. He joined UPC eight years ago and is now Senior Director of Entertainment and In-Home Connectivity in Sunrise UPC. Over the years he has seen many technology changes from non-linear TV to the switch from analogue to digital.

Campanale started his career as a design engineer before taking a leading role in the deployment of products and technology into the market, working for NXP semiconductors as a programme manager, ST-Ericsson, and moving into telcos with Barix where he was head of SW Engineering.  

“I joined Sunrise UPC where I led the introduction of entertainment and connectivity products. For the past two years, I took over the responsibility of the engineering department as vice-president of network engineering, which led to my current role as responsible for entertainment and the in-home department within CTO at Sunrise UPC.

“My current role is to lead the activities and the department deploying and operating the video platforms and in-home services to our Sunrise UPC customers.

“We need to ensure that our users always have the best quality TV experiences in their connected home. From one side, there is the planning and preparation for the evolution of that technology - the innovation pillar - and on the other side, there is the project execution - the delivery pillar - and then there is the running and operating of the platform and infrastructure which is 24/7 to ensure the right quality”.

Campanale said his leadership style has adapted over the years and he can adapt it depending on the mission and the challenges.

“A key driver for me is getting things done so I tend to be the pacesetter in my work environment. I also like to involve my team in the decision-making process through a constant information cycle. This gets the best out of a team as they know why we do things and we can do them better together”.

He cites the essential trait of a good leader is communication. “I like a leader who is capable of communicating, even the most ambitious or visionary strategy, with pragmatism and with that connection to the reality that company lives every day. Those leaders are respected for their faults - but walk the talk”.
Commenting on who has impressed him during the pandemic, Campanale named LGI CEO Mike Fries and main shareholder John Malone. “As well as showing a constant  sharpness and capacity to read the telecom market, they were impressive in how they stayed close to the situation and needs of the employees and our customers, during the terrible period of the pandemic”.

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