Telia Carrier to Arelion: The guiding light in connectivity

With Telia Carrier changing its name to Arelion, we discover how the newly branded company is achieving global connectivity and also what the name means

Telia Carrier has unveiled its new brand, Arelion, reinforcing its goal to provide premium global connectivity services to the world's largest operators, content providers and enterprises.

Arelion's network spans Europe, North America, and Asia, with more than 70,000 km of optical fibre and 1,700 MPLS endpoints, connecting customers in 125 countries.  Enterprises from gaming to finance depend on the operator’s business-critical services, including Global Internet Transit, Wavelengths, Ethernet, Mobile Data, and Wholesale Voice Termination.

Arelion’s strategic transformation survey 


In 2021, Arelion commissioned a strategic transformation consultancy to survey top wholesale operators and enterprise customers about their key business drivers that impact connectivity partner selection. The results found that key decision-makers at large enterprises and service providers rated high quality, prestige, and trustworthiness as the most important buying criteria. Wholesale and enterprise customers ranked the operator highest in these three categories, and way ahead of its competitors. After conducting rigorous internal and external research, the new brand was created.

“We live in the age of connectivity where people and businesses interact in real-time, all the time – wherever they are. As we move forward as Arelion, one thing that won't change is the core of our business: the people, our customers and partners that bring us together," said Staffan Göjeryd, CEO of Arelion. "Arelion will continue to support the mission that has resulted in 30 plus years of success and will continue to execute on our mission to connect the world to a brighter future and deliver the highest quality of services to our customers. That's all possible thanks to our investors at Polhem Infra, who share the same focus and vision for us."

According to Arelion, the company will continue to expand its global network to provide the network connectivity that people and businesses rely on more than ever to keep societies moving forward. Its goal for the future is to remain focused on growth through market enablement, cost and speed. Arelion will continue to capitalise on the shift to buying Wavelength and Ethernet services, enabling service providers and large enterprises to take full advantage of the company’s high-speed network infrastructure. Customers can rely on Arelion’s network diversity, resiliency, scalability and security with native DDoS protection and state-of-the-art routing security to connect everything that matters.

As part of the rebranding, Arelion has completely redesigned its brand identity. 

What does ‘Arelion’ mean?


Phonetic Pronunciation:  Ah-ray-li-yon

Definition: Arelion is a reflection of the power, agility and passion we bring to the world. Its meaning comes from the English adjective ‘reliable’, and it takes inspiration from the strength, beauty and light of the names given to stars and constellations such as Aldebaran, Sirius and Orion. Arelion is a guiding light in connectivity.



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