Nokia to lead next phase of Europe’s 6G flagship project

Nokia will lead the Hexa-X-II project, the second phase of the European 6G initiative, creating a pre-standardised platform and overall system view

Nokia has been announced as the leader of the latest phase of the Hexa-X-II project for making 6G technology an European Commission flagship. 

This new phase aims to start work on 1 January 2023 with a planned duration of two and a half years. The Hexa-X partner list will expand to 44 organisations aiming to create a pre-standard prototype that will form the basis for many inputs into future 6G standardisation.

“Nokia is honoured to lead in this pioneering project. In the 6G era, the digital, physical and human worlds will become far more integrated. Our goals must reflect this level of integration and interdependence. As billions more people and devices get connected, urbanisation intensifies, and we strive to manage the limitations on energy and materials, the role of networks and 6G will only deepen. It is essential that we keep the larger context in mind as we imagine the new network,” said Peter Vetter, President of Nokia’s Bell Labs Core Research. 

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The second phase of the European 6G flagship initiative   

The Hexa-X-II project has been awarded funding from the European Commission as part of the Smart Network and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS-JU) to unite key industry stakeholders in Europe. The goal of both Hexa-X and Hexa-X-II is to establish Europe as a leader in 6G, with a full value chain for future connection systems.

The Hexa-X-II consortium has stated its aim to tackle three major issues: the environment, inclusion and trust. On the first issue Hexa-X-II will research technologies that contribute to a zero-carbon footprint and limit energy and material consumption.

In addition to Hexa-X-II and Hexa-X, Nokia also leads 6G-ANNA, the German 6G lighthouse project and plays an instrumental role in establishing the Horizon Europe Smart Network and Services joint undertaking.


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