Connectivity Articles

Malware and phishing leading device-centric security threats

Following ReasonLabs’ 2023 Cybersecurity Summer Trends Report, Kobi Kalif discusses how leaders need to be vigilant of device-oriented cybersecurity risks

RtBrick VP: Will today's networks hamper tomorrow’s AI?

Richard Brandon, VP Strategy at RtBrick, sits down with Mobile Magazine to discuss whether today's networks are going to hold back the progress of AI

Enea SVP on how cybercriminals exploit mobile communication

SVP and Head of Enea AdaptiveMobile Security John Hughes sits down to discuss threats posed to infrastructure and how best to mitigate risk

Centrica’s solar farm to provide clean energy for Vodafone

Centrica to deliver 900MW of low carbon assets by 2026, supporting Vodafone’s net zero for UK operations by 2027 goal says Vodafone’s Andrea Dona

Apple confirms new iPhone to feature USB-C with 15 launch

Apple's iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus feature the company's A16 Bionic chip, industry-leading durability features and a much-discussed USB‑C charging port

Amdocs pledges to hit carbon neutrality goals by 2040

In what Amdocs calls a “decisive step toward sustainability”, the company has committed to use 100% renewable energy powering its operations globally

Sustainability LIVE: Meta's Dharmesh ‘DJ' Jani on net zero

Ecosystem & Partnership Lead at Meta Dharmesh ‘DJ” Jani graced the stage at Sustainability LIVE this week at London’s Business Design Centre

Extreme Networks CIO on how networks need to be ready for AI

John Abel, SVP and CIO, Extreme Networks, speaks to us about how networks need to be ready for the increased challenges associated with the AI takeover