Connectivity Articles

Xiaomi and Leica Camera announce mobile imaging partnership

Xiaomi and Leica Camera have announced a new strategic cooperation to explore the optical performance and photographic experience of mobile imaging

LG introduces Smart Mobility, 6G Tech at IEEE ICC

LG is showcasing a range of technological capabilities, including 6G, at the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) 2022 in Seoul

Meet Carl Pei, Founder & CEO of Nothing

Carl Pei is the CEO and Founder of Nothing, the London-based tech company focused on simplicity and clarity

The Big Tech telecoms convergence: dream or disaster?

Hamish White, CEO of digital-first telecom software provider Mobilise, navigates the benefits and drawbacks of the growing tech-telecom convergence


The end of an era: Apple to stop production of the iPod

After twenty years, Apple has announced it will be discontinuing production of the iPod, the music device that introduced many consumers to the brand

How China Telecom Americas leads secure global connectivity

China Telecom Americas is celebrating one year since its Global Affiliates’ Secure Networks were validated by Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security.

Fincons and the major change in the broadcasting landscape

Fincons Group, a leading force in the ITmarket, joins hands with Sinclair to provide more customisation options for its clients.

Deloitte and Multichoice partner to harness data insights

Deloitte’s Ryan Norris and Quentin Williams join Multichoice’s Debra Goosen to discuss the quest to turn Multichoice into an insight-driven company