Connectivity Articles

Rohde & Schwarz clears the picture for client broadcasters

Erik Balladares, Vice President, Broadcast & Media Division at Rohde & Schwarz, says broadcast clients can have the best of both worlds with Cloud services

Huawei: Using innovative technology to cut carbon emissions

Huawei is using innovative solutions, including the development of solar panels and energy storage solutions, to help significantly reduce carbon emissions


Transcelestial achieves commercial 5G breakthrough

At the University of Technology Sydney, Transcelestial proved the ability to deliver 5G connectivity wirelessly using laser technology at a 10Gbps capacity

Full fibre alternatives: all you need to know

Kristian Torode, Co Founder and Director of Business Broadband at Crystaline, shares his insights into the full fibre rollout

The future of telephony lies in VoIP

'The 19th century called, it wants its phone system back' - Ross Slogrove, UK and Ireland Country Manager at Ringover, outlines the importance of VoIP


World's first live 5G standalone roaming connection

BICS has established the world’s first ever intercontinental 5G standalone roaming connection, between two live networks in Europe and the Middle East


IBM and Vodafone announce new cybersecurity partnership

IBM and Vodafone have announced a new partnership, working to better protect data through more sophisticated, quantum-safe cybersecurity measures


Apple’s new iPhone 14 satellite 911 emergency service

Apple has now launched its 911 emergency service which allows users of the iPhone 14 in American and Canada to reach 911, even without WiFi or phone signal