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Macmillan Education is a 175-year old publishing house, providing the highest quality books, digital tools and content for students around the world. Macmillan Education has pioneered new methodologies, developed digital resources and provided sound teaching practice and pedagogy that inspire learners to achieve more. It is a global publisher with a regional focus, having a local presence in over 120 countries and working closely with students, teachers, institutions and educational authorities to advance learning. Macmillan Education consists of two divisions – Language Learning produces content for English Language Teaching and Schools Curriculum creates K12 curricula materials in many countries around the world. Macmillan Education works with a global community of educators whose aim is to leave the world better than they found it by sharing knowledge and advancing learning. In 2019, Macmillan reduced the use of plastic in teaching materials and donated over 97,000 textbooks to schools and universities in lower income countries. Macmillan Education is part of Springer Nature Group.

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Shaun Plunkett

VP Global Supply Chain

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