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Grupo Ageas Portugal

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Launched in 1824, Ageas is an international insurance group based in Brussels, with a presence in 14 countries across Europe and Asia. Grupo Ageas Portugal is a regional specific insurance company that provides a wide range of products and services across the industry. The company is known for its wide vision and through its products that are available to agents, bancassurance and direct cover. Its offerings include personal and commercial lines, and all lines of business, including life, non-life, health and pension funds. 

The mission of Group Ageas Portugal  is to provide an emotional and relevant experience in people's lives, being a reference partner in insurance and the best workplace for entrepreneurial people. For this, we have 1,307 Employees and almost 3,000 Agents to provide a service of excellence to the approximately 1.7 million Customers of the various trademarks: Ageas Seguros, Ageas Pensões, Médis, Ocidental and Seguro Directo. In order to diversify the business and be close to its clients, Group Ageas Portugal goes beyond insurance, providing an  extensive offer of services through Clínica Médis, Kleya, Go Far, Ageas Repara and Pétis.

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