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EcoOnline is a software company dedicated to making workplace safety and chemical management, as user-friendly and cost-efficient as possible. The company was founded in 2000 and currently has over 6800 customers and over 450 employees in Ireland, UK, US, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Our mission is to provide best in class customer service, help our customers achieve user centricity and to develop future proof technology. We are focused on bringing to life a simple core idea: when workplace safety is so easy, it becomes a natural habit. So, the easier and more seamless we can make it for workers to understand and comply with safety procedures, the safer they become. EcoOnline aims to be the software for a safer workplace. Our two main products are Chemical Manager and EcoOnline EHS. Chemical Manager gives control back to those managing chemical safety by directly sourcing Safety Data Sheets from the manufacturer on your behalf and supplying you with the tools to complete custom and relevant COSHH Risk assessments which will be compliant and also to ensure the safety of your employees. With EcoOnline EHS we make health, safety and environmental information more accessible to the whole workforce and create positive habits that support a strong safety culture.

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Oyvind Bauer

Chief Technology Officer

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