Top 10 most popular personal robots

10 of 2022’s top personal robots on the market right now, with services spanning everything from caring aids to support healthcare, to playful AI pets

With the field of robotics advancing at a phenomenal pace, it is amazing to see how quickly these technologies have gone from futuristic visions to models targeted at and available to everyday consumers. 

These pioneering devices are now stepping into the mass market, with personal robots set to be the next big thing in home technologies. 

Below are 10 of the top personal robots, which are leading the market right now. Their functions include everything from education tools to digital pets, and supporting the healthcare sector to simply providing users with a happy companion. 

10 Miko 3

Miko 3 is a personal robot designed for children aged 5-10. It uses artificial intelligence to provide a sophisticated home education aid. Alongside this, Miko 3 can be used to make video calls, respond to the emotions of the user, and make jokes. 

Its AI capabilities also mean that Miko 3 is able to learn more about the user, and adapt its programming accordingly. 

Manufacturer: Miko

Price: £229.99

9 EMO AI Desktop Pet

Created by Living AI, the EMO is a curious, playful little AI desktop pet. 

It is designed to provide a fun companion to desk workers, which will explore its surroundings independently, track sounds, recognise faces and show its own unique character. Or, during your work breaks, you can also play games with your EMO, watch it dance, and use its in-built voice assistant to ask questions. 

Manufacturer: Living AI

Price: $299

8 Unitree Go1

Unitree Go1 is the world’s first bionic companion robot. 

With its AI human recognition, side-follow system and sensory system, it is a remarkable piece of technology. 

Through this software and its flexible, adaptive joints, the Unitree Go1 behaves, walks with and responds to its owner exactly like a real dog. 

Manufacturer: Unitree

Price: $2,700

7 Lovot

‘Powered by love’, the Lovot is a companion robot that is simply designed to help its user to feel happy.  

The Lovot robot has a highly sophisticated level of emotional awareness, including the ability to provide caring companionship, understand and respond to moods, and to learn how best to make users happy. 

Manufacturer: Lovot

Price: 369,600 yen (£2287)

6 Eilik

Eilik is a small companion robot, which embodies its slogan ‘tech with heart’. 

With its charming personality and perceptive emotional responses, the robot is designed to be a little household pal. 

And one of the qualities that makes it unique is the shared nature of its interactions with you. For instance, Eilik doesn’t like being picked up, unless it's by you. 

Manufacturer: Energize Lab

Price: $149

5 Willow

Willow is a multi-purpose personal robot, which can tick both the boxes of household chores and companionship. 

Willow’s primary purpose is to autonomously mow lawns, without the need for wires, or even perimeter cables. It also has the ability to shred and collect leaves, guard your property at night, and sweeping your patio. 

Its abilities can be expanded even further, as you can use your phone or computer to teach Willow new jobs. 

Manufacturer: EEVE

Price: $2990

4 Misty

Misty is a personal social robot, which is also designed to assist with business tasks. 

Alongside its friendly face and big round eyes, Misty can record audio, act on your voice commands, stream videos, and even collect and share data. 

Misty is also equipped with a camera, which gives it its in-built facial recognition capabilities. 

Manufacturer: Misty Robotics

Price: $2,299

3 Misa

Beyond being a sweet, friendly addition to the family, Misa is a family robot that can help you to manage the family calendar and enhance your children's home learning. 

Through its Misa Connect software, this intelligent little bot can respond to your voice, manage your calendar and even offer you health and nutritional advice. In addition to these useful features, it is also built with a high quality visual display, designed to take home schooling to another level.

Manufacturer: Misa

Price: $399

2 Jibo

Jibo has precisely been designed to support the fields of children’s education, telehealth and hospitals. 

This sophisticated companion robot is most commonly used to support elderly or chronically ill patients, help to care for anyone receiving long-term hospital treatment, or to assist with education, particularly for children with special educational needs. 

Manufacturer: Jibo

1 Aibo

Aibo is the ultimate virtual pet, and a fantastic demonstration of just how far this field has come. 

This AI robot puppy is extremely curious, playful (coming with its own little toys) and friendly. In fact, Aibo actually translates as the Japanese word for ‘friend’. 

It can independently wander about your home, then when it’s with you, it can play, speak and do tricks. And what’s more, your Aibo’s facial recognition software will mean that, not only does it actively engage with people, but over time it can also identify the face of its owner. 

Manufacturer: Sony

Price: $2,899.99


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