Top 10 highest-earning streamers in Europe

As streaming continues to surge in popularity, a Bonusetu report reveals Europe’s twitch rich list, with female DJs dominating the highest-earning charts

New data published by Bonusetu has revealed the Twitch streamers in Europe with the highest monthly earnings from the platform. 

One of the key findings of the report was that the three highest-earning streamers in Europe are women who DJ.

Interestingly, Germany has by far the highest number of streamers on the list, with four of the top 10 streamers being of German descent (including the streamer that has secured the top spot). 

“It is remarkable to see how Europeans, particularly the younger generation, are leveraging the internet to generate additional income,” said a spokesperson from Bonusetu, commenting on the data. 

“What were once considered unconventional career paths, such as streaming and content creation, are now becoming the norm. This shift is indicative of the future of the digital economy.”

10. Ibai Llanos Garatea (@Ibai)

Ibai Llanos Garatea (@Ibai) is a Spanish e-sports commentator. As an internet celeb, he has secured the position of tenth-highest-earning Twitch streamer in Europe. 

Average monthly Twitch earnings: €139,575.

9. Erik Range (@Gronkh) 

Erik Range (@Gronkh), the German streamer and game developer, is ninth on this list. He has been active in the gaming community since 2010, and has a subscriber base of over 4,900,000. 

Average monthly Twitch earnings: €169,130.

8. Tuğkan G (@Elraenn)

The eighth highest-earning European twitch streamer is Tuğkan G (@Elraenn), a Turkish streamer, who has a 3.9mn-strong Twitch following and over 2mn YouTube subscribers. 

Average monthly Twitch earnings: €175,191. 

7. Gianmarco Tocco (@Tumblurr)

Seventh on the list is 28-year-old Italian gamer Gianmarco Tocco (@Tumblurr), who is best known for streaming Call of Duty. 

Average monthly Twitch earnings: €180,999. 

6. Ahmet Sonuç (@Jahrein)

The sixth highest-earning twitch streamer in Europe is Turkish streamer Ahmet Sonuç (@Jahrein). 

As the second Turkish streamer in this list, Turkey and Spain are contributing the joint second-most numbers to the Twitch rich list. 

Average monthly Twitch earnings: €205,507.

5. Raúl Genes (@AuronPlay)

Fifth is Raúl Genes (@AuronPlay), a Spanish gamer who is one of the most-watched streamers worldwide. He has a staggering 14.7mn followers on Twitch - a figure which is made even more impressive by the fact that he has only been an active streamer since 2019. 

Average monthly Twitch earnings: €218,798.

4. Elias Nerlich (@EliasN97)

Fourth on the list is Elias Nerlich (@EliasN97), an e-sports player from Germany, who is best known for streaming Fortnite. 

With his impressive network of 1.4mn followers, he is the highest-earning male streamer in Europe. But, this only secures him the fourth spot overall. 

Average monthly Twitch earnings: €230,980. 

3. Anika F (@Sintica)

Third on the list is Anika F (@Sintica), who is the first DJ on the streaming list. 

She is also the second-most successful German Twitch streamer - with Germany dominating the top four spots on this list. 

Average monthly Twitch earnings: €289,148 

2. Vanessa Lopez (@Vanessa_lopez_official)

The second highest-earning European streamer is Vanessa Lopez (@Vanessa_lopez_official), a Portuguese DJ and gamer. 

Average monthly Twitch earnings: €291,837.​​​​​​​

1. Anastasia Rose (@Anastasia_Rose_Official)

The highest-earning streamer in Europe is the German DJ Anastasia Rose (@Anastasia_Rose_Official). 

Interestingly, however, she only has 157,000 followers on the Twitch platform. But despite this, she is amongst the world’s highest-earning streamers. In comparison, Ninja, the top-earning Twitch streamer in the world, makes around $600,000 for an average sponsorship deal. 

Average monthly Twitch earnings: €459,757


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