Tech Mahindra’s Sandstorm a revolutionary way to look at CX

Rohit Madhok, SVP Global Head of Digital Engineering Services at Tech Mahindra, spoke with Mobile Magazine at Mobile World Congress in February
Tech Mahindra’s Rohit Madhok on how the organisation is staying ahead of the curve and how its Sandstorm solution is enabling better customer experience

Global giant Tech Mahindra represents the connected world, offering innovative and customer-centric information technology experiences, enabling enterprises, associates, and society to rise.

“We have been in the business of software and IT and engineering for over four decades,” explained Rohit Madhok, SVP Global Head of Digital Engineering Services at Tech Mahindra, when he spoke to Mobile Magazine at this year’s Mobile World Congress. “We are constantly trying new ways to figure out what next the big disruption is around the corner and how we can remain ahead of the curve and help navigate this very complex world which we are getting into.”

In a rapidly-changing world, Tech Mahindra is leveraging next-generation technologies like 5G, AI and the metaverse to stay ahead of the curve. “We as an organisation have always been ahead of the curve,” Madhok describes. “With our key partners and other key clients, we want to be one or two steps ahead of the game.”

The future of the metaverse

As Madhok comments, the metaverse - one of the key topics at Mobile World Congress this year - is absolutely real, with Tech Mahindra prepared to be heavily involved in its development. “I believe any new technology has a kind of an S-curve,” he says. “It starts off with incubation and then the technology explodes. The metaverse is currently at a juncture where the big wave is really going to come. And Tech Mahindra is right at the middle and centre of developing some great metaverse solutions.

“We engineer some of the metaverse solutions," he adds. "And whether it's a direct-to-consumer metaverse or it's a more business-to-business scenario, a lot more use cases will evolve and we will absolutely be at the front leading that for our clients and for the world's betterment at large.”

Sandstorm a revolutionary way to look at customer experience

MWC saw Tech Mahindra launch Sandstorm, a groundbreaking remote real-time network monitoring and smart device assurance service for telcos and enterprises.

As Madhok explains, Sandstorm is a revolutionary way to start looking at customer experience. “It's a way to remotely monitor the network, to monitor the experience,” he comments. “It also gives you a single view or window into multiple devices, which you might have in the network.”

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Sandstorm empowers enterprises to access any device “remotely” and use Tech Mahindra’s automation platform to test and deploy applications, devices, and others for end customers.

“So if you are an enterprise and you are in multiple countries, this platform now gives you a single window to access all of those myriad devices on one common window and you are able to provide deep network insights,” Madhok explains.

“You are able to provide a better customer experience. That basically simplifies a lot of the work, which was not possible earlier.

“We have been working on Sandstorm for the last few months, but we wanted to really use MWC as a platform to bring it to the fore. We have seen great reactions. We already have early customers who have already adopted and bought the solution from us. So we are very excited, and hope that we carry the momentum from here.”


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