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By Etiya
Etiya’s Chief Commercial Officer Apostolos Kallis discusses the company’s customer experience focus and how it utilises AI-driven digital transformation

With a nearly two-decade history, Etiya is a pioneering software company founded in Istanbul that specialises in AI-driven digital transformation with an unwavering focus on customer experience (CX).

Operating across seven countries with a global workforce of more than 1,500, Etiya delivers comprehensive, CX based and AI-driven digital transformation to communication and service providers.

Apostolos Kallis, Chief Commercial Officer at Etiya

In this Q&A, the company’s Chief Commercial Officer Apostolos Kallis talks about Etiya’s offerings and how its serves can be leveraged to benefit its clients.

Q. How does Etiya navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation to enhance CX and ensure swift product delivery?

In today's business dynamics, adaptability is crucial. At Etiya, we've established robust strategies to proactively shape exceptional customer experiences. Our Agile Delivery Methodology is a cornerstone, prioritising adaptability over rigid processes and accelerating our internal processes up to threefold. This flexibility allows us to promptly respond to evolving market demands, aligning seamlessly with customers' expectations.

At the core of Etiya's approach to business success lies a commitment to agility, DevOps excellence and a Microservices-based architecture. Our strategic emphasis on these elements not only elevates customer experience but also accelerates product delivery. By embracing agility and DevOps, we ensure swift and efficient operations, while our Microservices-based architecture enhances flexibility and scalability. These principles collectively empower us to surpass dynamic expectations, delivering unparalleled customer experiences and solidifying our position as a leader in the industry.

Q. Can you elaborate on Etiya's approach to scalability, particularly in catering to Tier 1 Service Providers?

Scalability is a pivotal focus in our strategy for Tier 1 Service Providers. Understanding the intricate demands of large-scale enterprises, our approach is meticulously crafted for seamless operations and exceptional services.

We prioritise scalability through real-time automated digital platforms strategically designed to leverage microservices. This enables swift product deployment and experimentation with innovative models, maintaining operational continuity amid expansion.

The microservices-based approach ensures swift and reliable delivery of complex products, crucial for Tier 1 Service Providers facing dynamic market demands. Our dedication to scalability stems from the belief that technology should facilitate growth.

Etiya's strategic approach centres on enhancing business benefits for Tier 1 Service Providers by leveraging real-time functionalities and the adaptability of microservices. Our focus is on empowering service providers to seamlessly navigate large-scale operations while prioritising the delivery of top-tier services. Through the strategic use of real-time automated digital platforms and a microservices architecture, Etiya not only surpasses scalability requirements but also ensures excellence in the continually evolving digital landscape. This customer-centric approach allows service providers to elevate their offerings, providing enhanced value and a superior experience for their customers.

Q. What are the advantages of Etiya's Cloud-Native Digital BSS for fostering business growth?

In a landscape where 77% of CSPs are moving to the cloud, Etiya's Cloud-Native Digital BSS is a game-changer for seamless adoption. It tackles legacy challenges, emphasising BSS modernisation for enhanced customer experiences.

Our solution is a catalyst for transformative growth, prioritising a 'Connected Customer First' approach. The inherent agility enables businesses to adapt rapidly to market changes, gaining a competitive edge.

Cost efficiency is key — leveraging cloud advantages, optimising resources and reducing traditional BSS costs for immediate savings.

Enhanced digital experiences are integral; our award-winning solution ensures 100% digital experiences with cutting-edge technologies.

Etiya's cloud-native Digital BSS platform offers a comprehensive solution for businesses aiming to prioritise customer-centricity, agility, cost efficiency and innovation in today's dynamic digital landscape.

Disclosure: This article is an advertorial and monetary payment was received from Etiya. It has gone through editorial control and passed the assessment for being informative.


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