Faroese Telecom & Ericsson partner to expand 5G coverage

Faroese Telecom and Ericsson have partnered to expand the 5G coverage in the Faroe Islands to reach every “centimetre and every person”

The Faroe Islands, a self-governing territory in the North Atlantic Ocean, is a part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Spanning an area of 1,400 square kilometres of land and 300,000 square kilometres of sea, the archipelago is home to a population of 54,000. The 18 islands are connected mainly by bridges, subsea tunnels and ferries.

Starting in 2022, the service provider in the Faroe Islands has been constructing its radio access network (RAN) for 5G deployment, with the aim of achieving 100% geographical coverage across the total land area and sea coverage of up to 120 kilometres in all directions.

Ericsson has been the sole provider of 5G RAN and 5G Core since 2021, including complete 4G network modernisation. By partnering, Faroese Telecom and Ericsson plan to expand the coverage across the Faroe Islands.

Connecting the Faroe Islands 

“Our ambition is to have gig-speed everywhere on the islands in cities as well as in small villages, on roads, in tunnels, on mountaintops and even out to sea,” Jan Ziskasen, CEO of Faroese Telecom Group says. 

Ziskasen continues to state that digital inclusion is a “main pillar” of the island's sustainability agenda, thus it is of utmost importance to reach every “centimetre and every person” located on the 18 islands. He adds that world-class 5G infrastructure will facilitate the development of new products and services for consumers and businesses.

“Faroese Telecom is showing the world how 5G can be deployed on a wide scale during a limited period of time,” says Niclas Backlund, country manager of Ericsson Denmark. “Rocky volcanic islands and rapidly changing weather is not stopping either them or us from bringing the latest 5G technology to the North Atlantic Sea. Niclas continues to state that he is “truly looking forward to continuing to partner with Faroese Telecom,” sharing the ambition of building a “world-class 5G network, with more industry firsts.”

About Ericsson

Ericsson is a major provider of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions to service providers. The company helps customers realise the complete potential of connectivity by developing innovative technology and services that are simple to use, adapt, and scale, thus ensuring success in a fully connected world.


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