Extreme Networks deploys new WiFi solution in Liverpool FC

Extreme Networks has announced that it will be enhancing the in-stadium WiFi at Liverpool FC’s Anfield Stadium, with the deployment led by Verizon Business

Through its new WiFi solution, Extreme Networks will open up a wealth of new service and in-stadium experience opportunities for the club. 

The new connectivity partnership of Extreme Networks and Verizon Business 

Extreme Networks has announced that it has chosen Verizon Business as its partner, in the deployment of the new wireless connectivity solutions at Liverpool FC’s Anfield Stadium. 

This comes as the latest part of Extreme’s partnership with the Premier League club. 

The deployment will include Extreme WiFi 6 access points, providing high-quality, low latency WiFi connectivity. 

Once ready, the improved connectivity will be used for mobile ticketing, cash-free concessions, shopping at the team store, video streaming and new digital immersive experiences.

As part of the partnership, Liverpool FC will also use ExtremeAnalytics to get real-time data insights, including foot traffic, app usage across the stadium and popular concessions. 

The partnership between Extreme and Verizon Business has seen connectivity and network insight solutions deployed across a number of large venues and stadiums across the European and Asia Pacific regions. The organisations that they have worked with include the NHL, NASCAR and the NFL.

“We’re excited to be joining forces with Extreme to transform Anfield into a place where the digital experience in-stadium is best-in-class,” commented Massimo Peselli, the CRO of the Global Enterprise & Public Sector at Verizon Business.

“As we continue to bring our expertise to major venues around the globe, we’re making innovative fan experiences a reality, shortening queue times, streamlining matchday operations and more.” 

“We’ve set the bar for what great looks like when it comes to the connectivity needed to drive fan engagement and operational excellence at world class venues,” added Norman Rice, the COO of Extreme Networks.

“Partnering with Verizon on yet another deployment means that Liverpool FC will be able to offer immersive, next-generation experiences off the back of reliable, high-performing connectivity. Additionally, automation and intelligence will empower Liverpool FC to create innovative, personalised experiences for fans, while ensuring stadium operations flow smoothly.” 

The deployment of the new connectivity solution is set to begin later this year.


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