Digimind introduces new AI-powered social listening solution

Digimind has introduced Digimind Social, the the first Social Listening Solution to integrate two powerful AI engines - ChatGPT and AI Sense

Thanks to its dual AI integration, Digimind Social is able to instantly analyse any topic. 

The power of Digimind Social - the new AI-integrated social listening solution 

Digimind has unveiled the first Social Listening Solution to integrate these two powerful AI engines. The solution works to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of their online presence.

The pioneering technology combines Digimind AI Sense and OpenAI ChatGPT, achieving a seamless way to collect, analyse, and act on online conversations. Digimind AI Sense is the data scientist behind the operation - detecting peaks and providing users with the data they need - while ChatGPT analyses and provides a brief summary of the insights gained from the data.

Digimind AI Sense has access to the most recent posts on social media, blogs, reviews, podcasts and so on, and has been built with the ability to detect key events about any brand or topic. 

So, for each event, it detects the key metrics - such as reach, brand impact, and key mentions. This intelligence is then transmitted to ChatGPT, which will analyse and summarise it in a clear, easy to understand format, all in real time.

Then, when either a crisis is triggered or a buzz (positive or negative) about a brand is starting, AI Sense can detect and identify key topics, key influencers, and so on, while ChatGPT uses this data to generate a summary of thousands of mentions in real time. Then, it will provide a summary of the trend automatically, to help users immediately understand what is driving these peaks.

The use cases of Digimind Social are incredibly far reaching, and will make marketing, branding, communication and campaign efforts infinitely more insight-driven. 

“I’m really proud to announce that by joining the forces of these two AIs, Digimind is able to launch the most powerful Social Listening solution on the market,” commented Paul Vivant, CEO of Digimind.

“It is as if each user gets full access to two dedicated analysts: one data scientist, and one business analyst 24/24, 7/7. This saves hours of analysis and allows our clients to react much faster by having an instant brief on the situation.”

Paul Vivant, CEO of Digimind

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