50% say the best service comes when threatening to switch

Half of wireless telecoms customers believe that they receive the best standard of service from their provider when they threaten to switch companies

This figure comes from Salesforce’s new 2022 Trends in Communications Report, which gives valuable insight into how consumers perceive their telecoms providers. 

The report gathers key data and insights, after surveying 500 industry experts and 6,000 global consumers. 

Highlights: the key findings from the Salesforce telecoms trends report

  • 51% of customers prefer to do business online, and 64% of those surveyed used their provider’s website within the last month
  • 88% of customers say that customer experience is just as important as its products or services. 
  • A very high proportion of those surveyed said they would consider getting wireless (78%) and cable (76%) services from non-traditional providers, such as Google.
  • 20% have switched to wireless-only connectivity, straight from their cellular devices.
  • 66% of customers have stopped buying from a company with values that didn’t align with their own.
  • Communications industry leaders surveyed in the report ranked carbon accounting (79%), closing the digital divide (84%), social responsibility (80%), and supporting underrepresented minorities (79%) as extremely or very important.

Enhancing customer experience - how can telecom companies retain their client base? 

Perhaps the most surprising finding of the report was that almost 40% of customers are unsatisfied with their current providers.

The main reasons for this - as outlined by the report - were that customers are more willing to switch between providers, poor user experience, or a low standard of web service (just one in five people reported having an excellent self-service or assisted-service experience on their provider’s website). 

The report revealed a clear need for companies to enhance the entire customer lifecycle. By offering more efficient, specialist customer support, companies can reverse the popular opinion that customers will only get the best service if they threaten to leave. 

Alongside this, when asked what might increase customer satisfaction (other than reducing the monthly bill), respondents’ most frequent answers were discounts on streaming services, transparency, and personalised deals.


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