ZTE, AIS to build first high-level 5G network in Thailand

Telecommunications company ZTE has signed an agreement with Thai digital service provider AIS to upgrade technologies such as 5G in the country

ZTE, an international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions, has today announced that it has signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Advanced Info Service (AIS), Thailand's number one digital service provider, to upgrade key technologies in the country, such as 5G. 

According to the agreement, the companies aim to enhance network quality and deliver excellent user experiences to AIS customers, while developing innovations to put Thailand at the forefront of the digital economy.

ZTE says it will also expand AIS' 5G capabilities for different industries, bolstered with ZTE's specialised innovation expertise that has already been globally successful. This will enable Thai industries to grow massively through the deployment of digital transformation.

Opening the “A-Z Center”: Thailand’s first 5G innovation hub 

In addition, the two companies are launching Thailand's first "A-Z Center" (5G Innovation Center) as a hub for research collaborations and joint 5G innovations, for both infrastructure and solutions, to boost growth in sectors such as the 5G applications in industry verticals. The centre is due to be completed by Q3 this year.

"We are a digital life service provider that focuses on unlocking digital tech such as 5G, a vital piece of infrastructure to enhance the country's capabilities in the digital economy," said Somchai Lertsutiwong, EVP of AIS. "This brings us the potential for our investments to deliver a wide variety of experiences and smart services to AIS customers, the Thai public and a range of industrial sectors."

"We have always been confident that 5G will become a key variable in the near future to affect transformation, from consumer behavior to social contexts, and the growth of Thailand's digital economy." added Lertsutiwong.

"ZTE, as one of the global leaders in 5G, truly believes that 5G is driving the development of the verticals and the digital transformation of industries," said Xu Ziyang, CEO of ZTE Corporation. "We will continue to innovate in 5G technical solutions and applications, and work with AIS to jointly explore the huge potential of 5G networks in the digital economy era."

AIS is currently the only provider to persist in expanding its 5G network to cover all 77 provinces of Thailand, reaching 78% of the population. Aimed to grow the number to 85% within this year, AIS has continued to work with world-class partners like ZTE to jointly develop innovations.



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