Verizon and Nokia go global with private 5G

By Harry Menear
Verizon and Nokia are collaborating to deliver private 5G network solutions to enterprises in Europe and APAC...

Verizon and Nokia have launched a new partnership with the goal of delivering private 5G network solutions to enterprises in markets from APAC to Europe.

The private 5G network platform, developed by Verizon, will allow enterprise customers to deploy private 5G networks on-site, in order to benefit from the ultra-low-latency, high-speed connections the technology can provide. 

Verizon has said that it expects demand for this new service to come primarily from within the manufacturing, distribution and logistics sectors, where increased visibility and low-latency 5G connections can power everything from physical robotics and RPA solutions to powerful real time analytics. 

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and its impact on available human resources, is expected to drive demand for the service, said Tami Erwin, CEO of Verizon Business, in a statement on Tuesday. “If the past few months have taught us anything, it’s that there’s never been a more critical time for mobility, broadband and cloud products and services. Private 5G networks will be a transformative technology that will drive the new era of disruption and innovation for enterprises around the world,” she added. 

Verizon will set up its private networks using micro 5G towers and small cells to provide 5G connectivity to the end-user’s LAN and applications. Nokia is contributing its Digital Automation Cloud solution to the project, which enables enterprises using 5G networks to increase the potential for automation application deployment via a web interface. 

Brian R. Fitzgerald, SVP of Global Solutions at Nokia, commented that the Finnish communications company’s partnership with Verizon was a vital step in paving the way for accelerated digitalisation in the global economy’s most demanding industries, adding that: “Private wireless connectivity has become central to many industries in realising their long-term digital transformation goals.” 

The partnership is the latest in a flurry of joint ventures between Verizon and other leading players in the telecommunications space. Verizon recently also partnered with Microsoft to offer private 5G network solutions for edge computing, as well as launching other projects in tandem with Samsung, IBM, Cisco Systems and AWS. 

The company also owns and operates a cutting-edge 5G innovation lab in London, which is supporting collaborative innovation with the company’s business and media customers. 

According to Martina Kurth, associate vice president of the European Telco Research practice at IDC, Verizon’s position as an early mover in the private 5G market should stand the US telecom company in good stead as it continues to collaborate with other leading firms in the industry. She added: “We're seeing international markets moving rapidly to deploy 5G Private Networks, which appears as a major use case for the uptake of 5G, particularly in order to capitalise on 5G investments in the enterprise market.” 


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