Nov 29, 2021

TPG Telecom: The longest distance call between 5G handsets

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We take a look at the new world record set by TPG Telecom for the longest distance between two 5G handsets for a video and voice call

TPG Telecom recently set the world record for a long-range video and voice call on a 5G network in a new demonstration that shows the reach and capability of the company’s recently switched-on 5G standalone core network. 


Working in partnership with its network equipment vendor Nokia, the video and voice call successfully spanned 148km between two commercially available 5G handsets that connected to a single tower in Mt England, Queensland, but let’s take a look at what happened in more detail.


What happened during TPG Telecom’s 148km 5G world record?


As briefly stated above, two commercial 5G handsets were connected to a single tower located in Queensland, Australia. This tower was connected to TPG Telecom’s recently switched-on 5G standalone core network which is using spectrum in the 700MHz band to increase the reach and capability of its mobile services across more of Australia. 

TPG Telecom achieved the milestone in partnership with Nokia, and as a result it achieved a video and voice call distance of 148km between two 5G handsets available to consumers. In setting the world record, Nokia and TPG Telecom proved it is possible to connect customers at a distance of 74km from the tower. 

Talking about the record at the time, TPG Telecom General Manager Wireless & Transmission Networks, Yago Lopez, said: “This record-setting achievement has really pushed the boundaries of what was previously thought possible with 5G networks. For us at TPG Telecom, this is not just a world record, it is a real-life demonstration of how we are building a smarter network to connect customers across greater distances than ever before.

“This will lead to important leaps in capability for our network while also ensuring we can maximise the rollout and coverage of our 5G network to deliver the connectivity benefits of 5G technology to more Australian homes and businesses,” he concluded. 


Image: TPG Telecom 

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