Syniverse enables Vodafone Oman’s 5G mobile roaming services

Telecommunications companies Syniverse and Vodafone Oman are collaborating to offer next-generation 5G digital services in Oman

Syniverse, a telecommunications company based in the United States, today announced it is working with Vodafone Oman to enable 5G roaming services in the Sultanate of Oman. Syniverse’s Clearing and Settlement solution aims to help Vodafone Oman drive efficiencies by using a set of cloud applications to automate and optimise all workflows to address its 5G roaming business.

Discussing Vodafone Oman’s commitments, Seham Al Amri, the company’s Roaming Manager, said: “Vodafone Oman is committed to ensuring connectivity for a better future for all through the implementation of next-generation 5G network and advancing digital progress, wherever possible. 

“Our collaboration with Syniverse allows us to benefit from its connectivity and digital solutions to position ourselves as more than just another telecommunications company. We look forward to enhancing our roaming facilities and redefining how digitalisation plays an integral role in developing the society of tomorrow,” he added.

How else will Vodafone Oman benefit from collaborating with Syniverse?

Vodafone Oman will also benefit from Syniverse’s Roaming Fraud Protection and Syniverse’s Universal Commerce for BCE solutions to monetise wholesale roaming traffic using the GSMA’s Billing and Charging Evolution (BCE) industry standard. Universal Commerce for BCE is an industry-leading blockchain based solution which enables new 5G enabled monetisation models such as network slicing, and monetisation of new 5G enabled use cases such as the internet of Things (IoT).

By implementing these new methods for monetising wholesale roaming, Syniverse allows for more accurate and efficient reconciliation of network usage between Vodafone Oman and its roaming partners.

Sami Saber, Sales Director of Middle East Africa, Syniverse, said: “Syniverse adds value by offering Vodafone Oman streamlined workflow management tools that underpin the support of their 5G roaming services, thus making it more efficient and profitable for them to grow their business. We are excited to help Vodafone Oman prosper as the newest mobile operator in the Sultanate of Oman. Syniverse continues to invest in Middle East and Africa region as a strategic growth area with our strong market presence.”


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