Oracle unveils new cloud-native analytics suite for 5G

Oracle’s new network analytics suite aims to help operators make more informed decisions around the performance and stability of their 5G network core

Oracle has recently unveiled its Network Analytics Suite, a cloud-native portfolio of analytics solutions aimed at network operators to help them make informed and automated decisions to ensure the performance of their 5G core networks.

The suite combines network function data with machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) so that operators can quickly identify anomalies that can cause catastrophic network function failures and impact customer service.

“Driving innovation with insights from trusted data and enriched analytics is not only critical to compete in today’s marketplace, but game changing in the way service providers can achieve greater cost efficiency, improve quality of service, and carve out new revenue streams. Our 5G Network Analytics Suite harnesses Oracle’s cloud and network experience into a powerful toolset that helps operators better manage and optimise their 5G networks,” said Andrew Morawski, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Communications, Networks.

Driving innovation with insights from data and analytics

The solution is based on cloud native computing foundation (CNCF) principles and supports 3GPP standards. In addition, it’s a containerised microservices-based architecture managed by Kubernetes, and serves as a key data and analytics repository with standard interfaces to store and share information that can support use cases across the entire 5G network, according to the company.

With the offering, operators can build automation into applications to monitor and audit software components. This supports anomaly detection to avoid events such as network function failure that could result in degradation of network quality. The offering can also support network monetisation with data and insight sharing to third-party developers to create new services.

“Communications service providers are challenged by the levels of complexity that new technology brings to light. Building a competitive advantage requires not only effective operations management, but advanced insight concerning network behaviour. To access enterprise-driven business opportunities, and to create value within new industries goes well beyond traditional connectivity services. Network level analytics must play a heavy role in addressing customer-defined solution needs,” said Karl Whitelock, Research Vice President, Communications Service Provider Operations and Monetization, IDC.


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