Nokia secures five year deal with Ice Norway to expand 5G

Nokia has landed a five-year deal with Ice Norway to upgrade and expand the operator's 5G network nationwide

Nokia has secured a five-year deal with Norwegian mobile operator Ice Norway to upgrade and expand its 5G radio network infrastructure nationwide. 

Approximately, 3200 base stations will be modernised and an additional 3900 new base stations will be deployed, according to Nokia. The telecommunications provider will supply equipment from its AirScale portfolio including Single RAN, AirScale base stations, and high-capacity 5G Massive MIMO antennas to support different spectrum bands. 

Tommi Uitto, President of Mobile Networks at Nokia, said: “This is a particularly exciting phase for Ice as 5G is picking up pace in Norway and is establishing a competitive position in the market. We are proud to continue our journey as its long-term partner. We have already made great progress with the deployment of 5G services across the country and this new deal will extend coverage to new areas while improving the coverage and performance of the existing footprint."

"Our industry has a big role to play in the green transition of societies, and our energy-efficient AirScale portfolio supports Ice’s commitments to sustainability.”

Boosting 5G coverage

Ice has over 700,000 customers and the company claims its 4G and 5G network covers 95% of the population in Norway.  These solutions will boost Ice’s 5G coverage and in particular, Nokia’s solutions will enable Ice to take advantage of its broad spectrum holdings. Nokia will also provide its NetAct solution for network management and seamless daily network operations as well as optimization and technical support services.

“This deal highlights our continued commitment to investing in our network and giving our subscribers the best possible connectivity experiences. Nokia has been our technology partner from the very beginning and through active competition they have again convinced us that they are still the right choice. Their technology gives us the flexibility to utilise our spectrum assets to their full capacity and enables us to compete even more strongly in the Norwegian telecommunications market,” said Eivind Helgaker, CEO, Ice. 

Ice is owned by the multi-utility company, Lyse, which also owns fiber broadband provider, Altibox. Collectively, the companies manage nationwide digital infrastructure as well as mobile frequencies for both 4G and 5G. Under this new arrangement, Ice and Altibox will be able to add new services to their competitive fixed and mobile offer, such as 5G Fixed Wireless Access. 


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