Jan 08, 2022

Formula 1 partners with Digital Catapult to trial 5G

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The partnership between Formula 1 and Digital Catapult aims to discover how much 5G can enhance fan experience

Formula 1 has partnered with Digital Catapult trial 5G as a way of enhancing the event experience for motorsport fans. As part of thepartnership, which also involves a small group of other enterprises, the companies aim to the possibility of sing 5G to enhance live race events, including increasing the inclusivity for the fans and making each race more interactive.

The collaboration is part f the UK’s first 5G commercial application accelerator, 5PRING. The 5PRING work with Formula 1 will see Formula 1 test the latest emerging technologies and quantify the value through Digital Catapult’s 5G lab and demonstrators.

Pete Samara, director of strategic technical ventures at Formula 1, said: “Formula 1 is excited to work with 5PRING to explore exciting new ways of providing fans great experiences using 5G. F1 is thrilled to be exploring with the startups and scaleups focused in this area, knowing that 5G is a technology that will transform and hugely impact event experiences globally.”

Jeremy Silver, Digital Catapult CEO, added: “The 5PRING programme is firing on all cylinders to unlock 5G’s potential – and now industry heavyweights from the events industry are turning their attention to how advanced technologies can take their events to the next level. It’s brilliant to welcome Formula 1 on board to explore how 5G can help to elevate the experiences of auto racing fans and unlock new commercial opportunities for their stakeholders.

“Bringing together the repute and expertise of Formula 1 with the entrepreneurialism of the startup community will result in powerful collaborations, that can stimulate exciting new solutions for the events sector.”


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