Ericsson launches Time Critical Communication for 5G

Ericsson’s new 5G Time Critical Communication will elevate experiences in use cases such as cloud gaming and augmented reality and virtual reality

Telecommunications company Ericsson has today announced the launch of a new end-to-end solution for 5G which aims to provide consistent low latency and high reliability demanded by time-critical applications and services for consumers, enterprises, and the public sector.

Enabled through Ericsson’s Critical IOT product, Time Critical Communication will allow communications service providers to further enhance experiences in real-time media use cases like cloud gaming and AR/VR, and unlock possibilities in remote control, mobility automation, and industrial control.

The company says that it will also “thrill all 5G users looking for immersive XR experiences” and benefit enterprises, industries, and public agencies where production processes or mission-critical services are highly dependant on high-performance reliable connectivity.

Per Narvinger, Head of Product Area Networks, said: “Ericsson continues to introduce innovative 5G solutions that fuel the global uptake of 5G. Now we are taking 5G to the next level with Time-Critical Communication, a solution that will give our customers the tools to expand their offerings for the consumer, enterprise, and public sectors and further monetise 5G effectively.”

A software toolbox for solving problems in mobile networks 


Ericsson’s Time-Critical Communication is a software toolbox for resolving lags and interruptions in mobile networks. It combines the 3GPP-specified ultra-reliable, low latency communication (URLLC) standard with Ericsson innovations to mitigate major causes of latency. Built on Ericsson’s expertise in Radio Access Network, Transport, 5G Core, Service Management & Orchestration, BSS, and support services, this software product delivers consistent low latency (50ms to 1ms) end-to-end at specified guarantee levels (99.9 percent to 99.999 percent) – enabling time-critical use cases at scale.

“Many emerging use cases are time-critical in nature,” Ericsson said. “They demand the guarantee of consistent low latency and highly reliable performance, currently not possible in today’s 4G and 5G networks. The new solution is designed to address that need and deliver on the full promise of 5G.”

Ericsson has been trialling 5G for time0critical use cases with several customers and industry [artners, such as SoftBank and Rockwell Automation.

Tomohiro Sekiwa, Managing Executive Officer and Chief Network Officer, SoftBank, commented on Ericsson’s pilot, saying: “We believe that Time-Critical Communication is key to realising the full potential of 5G. One industry where this solution can play a transformative role in automotive and transportation. With reliable and consistent low latency connectivity, 5G can also vastly improve public health and safety, traffic efficiency, and make transportation more sustainable.”

Dave Vasko, Director, Advanced Technology at Rockwell Automation, added that “Time-Critical Communication with 5G can change the industrial automation sector by reducing cables, increasing flexibility and agility, enhancing visibility, and enabling new digital applications with mobility. The ability to deliver consistent low latency with high reliability will be crucial for wirelessly connecting XR, sensors, controllers, and actuators – boosting productivity and efficiency of industrial operations.”



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