Aviat unveils MB-XD multiband for 5G

Aviat Networks, a global provider of microwave networking solutions, has launched MB-XD to extend its 5G multi-band link distance to 20km in rural Texas

Aviat Networks, a leading provider of wireless networks and transport solutions, has unveiled MB-XD, the latest enhancement to its WTM 4800 Multi-Band product line, extending the reach of 10 Gbps links over distances up to 20 km to support 5G and rural broadband applications in Texas. 

To achieve comparable performance, competitive multi-band solutions require up to four times the hardware, making them costly and impractical for tower deployments, leaving high-cost fiber the only option. Now with MB-XD, operators can significantly lower their TCO by up to 90%, when compared to fiber alternatives.

Aviat already offers the industry's only single box multi-band radio, supporting three channels for up to 10km link distances. With this announcement, Aviat leverages its single box dual-channel E-band radio to create a unique multi-band solution for ultra-long distance applications.

Wireless solutions key to connecting macro and small-cell base stations


"We expect that wireless solutions will remain key to connecting the world's macro- and small-cell base stations for years to come," said Jimmy Yu, Head of Microwave Transmission & Mobile Backhaul Market Research at Dell'Oro Group. "Extending Multi-band radio links over longer distances will be increasingly important for network operators to avoid the high costs of fiber and to deliver higher capacities more economically than other wireless options that rely solely on traditional microwave bands."

"5G will require mobile operators to support never-before-seen capacity and link distances," said Peter Smith, CEO of Aviat Networks. "With our WTM 4800 product line and MB-XD, we have extended our leadership in this extremely important market segment. Our Multi-Band with MB-XD is the only solution that will provide the capacity and the link distances needed to support 5G and the expansion of rural broadband networks."

Aviat Multi-Band radios are a compelling alternative to traditional microwave radios for high-capacity links, and often can reduce dramatically recurring spectrum fees.



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