5G & IOT Articles


IBM and Vodafone announce new cybersecurity partnership

IBM and Vodafone have announced a new partnership, working to better protect data through more sophisticated, quantum-safe cybersecurity measures


Hiya launches new AI-based carrier cybersecurity solution

Hiya has announced the launch of Personal AI, a new AI-based cybersecurity solution to help mobile carriers protect their customers from spam and fraud

IoT Tech Expo Global announces new event speakers

New speakers have been announced for the upcoming The IoT Tech Expo Global event, which will take place on the 1-2 December 2022 at Olympia, London

Why cloud calling needs the benefits of AI

Renaud Charvet, CEO of cloud phone system software provider Ringover, outlines how revenue intelligence platforms can elevate sales teams’ success


Data protection remains a key barrier to cloud adoption

Despite 71% believing it will become central to their businesses, research reveals data protection is still a major barrier to SMEs adopting cloud services


5 minutes with: Giles Ivey

Giles Ivey is the CEO EMEA at MiQ. Alongside his team, he sets the strategy and direction for the region, reaffirming MiQ’s reputation in its key markets


Alleviating the strain on the 5G supply chain with BASF

BASF provides thought leadership on the much-anticipated roll out of 5G and the reduced strain on supply chains with the latest connectivity solutions


Smart vehicles’ role in global supply chain transformation

We explore the advancements that 5G is bringing to smart vehicle technologies and how these features will take us closer to realising supply chain 4.0